Caravaggio: Radical Naturalism Combined With Chiaroscuro


In today’s world, Caravaggio might be considered a rock star or tortured artist. He is presently one of the most watched artists in history. Born in 1571, his early painting began with the influence of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, which was one of the treasures in his hometown of Milan.

His realism combines with the stark effect of chiaroscuro, light and dark meeting to extreme. Light and shade coalesce in contract to the natural subjects of his painting. Drama is the element evident in his work, which exemplifies the human Read the rest of this entry »

The Caravaggio Influence On The Works of Rembrandt


The Romantic influences amongst paintings by Caravaggio and Rembrandt can clearly be seen. If a person ever has the chance, then he or she should view the collection of Rembrandt and Caravaggio paintings currently being held by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It is fascinating to see how Rembrandt was inspired by the artist Caravaggio in his own works.

The influence of Caravaggio can be seen in the dramatic light that Rembrandt uses in his paintings depicting various biblical scenes. The use of light is what Rembrandt was renowned for Read the rest of this entry »

The Prints, Etchings and Paintings of Rembrandt


Rembrandt is an artist who so many people appreciate, and individuals love to see his prints, etchings and paintings. When you want to explore even more of these works of art, what sources should you consult to truly enhance your experience and develop a deeper appreciation for the works?

An excellent idea would be to enroll in a class that is solely based around the works of Rembrandt. You may find these classes at a liberal arts university or an arts college. In any case, getting deeply involved in a study of Rembrandt will bring you an intense appreciation Read the rest of this entry »

“De Nachtwacht” (“The Night Watch”): Rembrandnt’s Break From Tradition


Rembrandt van Rijn painted The Night Watch in 1642. He used oil paints on canvas to depict a company of soldiers preparing to march. The company was led by Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch. There is a third person clearly highlighted in the painting, and she is a young girl in the background. Rembrandt used light and dark colors to highlight the main characters in the painting.

The young girl depicts many of the symbols involved Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Prominent Members of Rembrandnt’s Printing School


The most prominent members of Rembrandnt’s printing school, and those students who are most able to successfully make use of the techniques pioneered by this iconic artist are worth making note of. Promising talent and up and coming members of the artistic community can become figures of great influence in the days to come. Finding and following promising artists, students and the novices that show a great deal of future promise is worth the effort to Read the rest of this entry »

The Latter Biblical Themes of Rembrandnt


The well-known Dutch artist Rembrandt created paintings, etchings and drawings of a large subject variety. In his early times, he was a commercially successful portrait painter. The themes of portraiture, landscapes and narrative paintings are carried on during his entire lifespan, changing only in painting style and subject matter. Many of his contemporaries praised his interpretations of biblical stories because of his attention to detail and skill in representing emotions.
Early in his life Rembrandt focused primarily on the Old Testament, but this Read the rest of this entry »

The Early Biblical Themes of Rembrandnt


Learning more about the early biblical themes of Rembrandnt may give you greater insight, understanding and appreciation of the works of this iconic artist. The style and themes of an artists work can vary greatly over the course of their career, giving those with an interest in such works a great deal of variety to appreciate. Exploring the work of any artist can be a very rewarding activity.

Thew themes and influences that shape the work of any artist can Read the rest of this entry »

Rembrandnt and His Most Prominent Chiaroscuro Techniques


The word Chiaroscuro comes to us from the Italian language, and literally means “light and dark”. The technique was first started by Leonardo da Vinci, and was used by others, but it was Rembrandt that perfected the technique.

The technique uses very clear contrasts in tone, giving a feeling of fullness and depth to a figure or subject. The same technique, with some modifications, is used today in photography and movie making. During Rembrandt’s time, the artist was able to achieve a liveliness and unusual degree of depth in his works that caused figures to Read the rest of this entry »

The (Old) Dutch Masters: Who Were They?


Certainly one could not talk about the original Dutch masters without mentioning perhaps the most well known painter at the time, who was Rembrandt. Another very famous artist from the region of the Netherlands is Van Gogh. This region actually produced more artists than any other region during the 17th century. While Rembrandt is the one remembered most often, he was not alone as an artist during his lifetime. The works created by these artists have very definite forms and colors which were the popular method at the time. Most of the paintings created Read the rest of this entry »